Have you ever bought a script that would help you to automate your business only to learn that your Web Host didn't allow you to install, let alone run it?

Have you ever needed a cron job but the support answer was: "We Do Not Support Cron Jobs On Our Less Expensive Web Hosting Plans..!"

Have you experienced to run out of Email Accounts, Allowed Sub-Domains, MySQL Databases, Cgi-Bins or FTP access..?

Did You Try To Move Web Host only to discover that the domain name you bought and thought you owned (leased for life) was in fact Registrar-LOCKED and they didn't want to let you go. . . . .Ouch!

The above is real life examples, experienced by JayKay Bak, our CEO & Founder and the core reason for you to have the opportunity to host your websites with Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

If you are you a "Newbie" you won't have a clue about the above . . . but trust us - it's very important to choose the right web host if you ever plan on making an income on the internet.

- it's a JUNGLE out there and as in any Business Web Hosting does have it share of scamming rotten apples => Must Read Hosting Tips


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Unselfish Marketers' Servers have all the specs the competition like to display right here to impress you plus as long as you don't crash our servers we will allow you to install any script you may like to automate your business - Wanna check specs? open a new window

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Please read: In the likely event that we raise our prices (we have and will surely do it again) ordering today means locking you account - For as long as you host with us your billing will never change. This is also valid for future upgrades. The prices you look at now are yours.

Important: We prefer PayPal but also know that they aren't a global solution so if you reside in a country on their 'still to discover' list we do accept payments through SafePay - It's free to open an account

* We will install one Affiliate Manager Program per hosting account - If you need our software on additional domains we do have to charge you $39.95 including installation. Do-It-Yourself discount is available.!

* We do install our UnselfishResponderPro on each of your domains :) We find that when the unsubscribe link matches the domain you will have less 'dropouts' - It is a simple yet impressive cgi script with unlimited numbers of Autoresponders, unlimited number of follow-up emails and works with the speed of lightning. Test the speed


Valuable information regarding our Web Hosting Packages

$2.22/month - Very useful if all you need right now is to secure your top level domain name and get yourself web presence. Our best advice is to get a .com, a .com or a .com name :-) Avoid hyphens and try to limit your domain name to 3 (three) words! Our Business Card Web Hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts so you can get a pro appearance. We will help you to get a subscriber/contact email form up and running on your website - free of charge.

Tip: Forget all about ever selling anything while using Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL - AOL is by the way a big no-no because not many customers will be able to reach your inbox since you won't have the time to 'White-', 'People I Know' or 'Buddy' List them. 


$4.29/month - Is a great place to start yourself up & GROW because this account not only meets the resource needs you have, but also surpasses +80% of all websites on the internet. FACT: The average web site uses about 15 MB of disc space and less than 400 MB bandwidth a month. On top of more than adequate hosting you'll receive Resell Rights to a FRESH Ebook and useful software every month. Your own private UnselfishResponderPro installed on your domain! - No one  but yourself has access to your mailing list :-) We also install a powerful Affiliate Manager Software with unlimited members capability (guaranteed 50,000 members without problems) You're here to make money, right? - We'll help you.


$8.67/month - Our most popular Hosting plan! Room enough for a massive website and Bandwidth enough to handle in the neighborhood of 2500 daily visitors! You get the same free perks as described above + you are allowed to host up to 3 domain names within your account


$14.41/month - You are serious about your business and that shall be rewarded. All of the above + host up to 6 domain names on your Enterprise Account. We're not just talking about being unselfish. . . :-)



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