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Look at it this way - Do you happily buy a product or a service from someone that can't afford / won't buy a domain name?

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Web Hosting Referral Program

Being Marketers it is our firm belief that you shouldn't regard Web Hosting an expense but rather as a 'brick and mortar' income stream

Many Web Hosts will pay you a $10-60 lump sum after your referral has been with the company usually for a minimum of 90 days but

Being Unselfish we are not just going to pay you once for opting-in to referring new clients to us. . .



Free to join

ONE sale can be as much as $34.60 in your pocket

25% Commission For Life! - Recurring Lifetime Income

Paid Monthly To Your PayPal Account - Don't Wait 90 Days

On Each And Everyone You Refer To Us - No Limits On  Referrals

Of course we have banners, text links & splash pages to help you

We Track Your Visitors for 5 Years - Industry Standard is 3 Months

Minimum Payout Is $5 So Your Commission Is Not Devoured By Fees !


NOTE: You can't join our referral program and get paid 25% on your own web hosting account..! This wouldn't be FAIR to your referrer and we trust that you certainly wouldn't like losing multiple sales yourself



   1A) You need a Free PayPal Account if you don't have one!

   1B) If PayPal still has to discover your Country ð Free SafePay Acc

   2) - Join Our Referral Program        . . . New Affiliate Login      . . .if you joined us already in the past - old affiliate Login

   3) - Promote . . !

If you have you own website (if not, Why?) here's an easy HTML code

The above will look like this: Web Hosting Dedicated Marketers!
Please 'mouse-over' the link - NO UGLY looking affiliate link, Right?

Simply copy & paste (edit: REF_ID) the above into the HTML code of your web site where you know visitors will see it - upload, that's it :-)

Disguise your links to our affiliate program as normal links ('Link Cloaking'), and practically DOUBLE click through rates, according to a recent internet marketing study. Use the above code to cloak your text links to our affiliate program:

Inside your members area you will find fast loading splash pages + banners to use in Auto & Manual Traffic Exchanges, 'Tell A Friend' email form, pre-written emails for you Mailing List, text links, Forum Signature File, Email Signature Suggestions and much more.

We have tutorials on 'how to promote' if you are a little unsure how to proceed. We are looking forward to a mutual beneficial business relationship and whish to thank you in advance.

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JayKay Bak

CEO & Founder

Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.


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